The PTPI membership base consists of 23,000+/- people around the world. Members are encouraged to participate at the local level by supporting their local chapters and participating in their activities. Our members are committed to making a difference – in their own lives and the lives of others. Connect to a powerful network of like-minded individuals. In order to help make change, you must be a part of the solution. Join us now; we love people, we are people fanatics.

Reasons to join People to People International-Africa

  •  We love people, we are people fanatics.
  •  Participate in our social, cultural, educational, volunteering and networking activities.
  •  Support our network of community development partners and projects.
  •  Be a member of a worldwide network dedicated to peace and understanding.
  •  Make friends all over the world and in your own neighbourhood, with our community, chapter and network.
  •  We arrange gatherings for those that have made friends within our community, to meet again and again and become stronger friends.
  •  We love meeting new people and growing the circle of people we can call friends, through our International Visitors Program.
  •  We give back to our community by participating in local humanitarian projects.
  •  Receive regular e-newsletter and stay informed about local and international news, events and programs.
  •  Apply and improve your foreign language skills.
  •  Acquire valuable soft skills in intercultural communication, public relations, mediation and other significant fields through volunteer work.
  •  Take advantage of our scholarships, grants and network.
  •  Experience for real that everyone smiles in the same language!