Our governance structure and community officers

  • The AEC (African Executive Committee) leads the Region and may be changed every two years through elections
  • They deal with programing, youth, initiatives, conferences, finances, annual report
  • The AEC is currently tactical in their tasks and strategic in their thinking
  • AEC was formed in May 2020

Africa Executive Committee (AEC)

  • Newlove Bobson Atiso: Chairman, Togo
  • Clinton Ikechwukwu Ezeigwe: Secretary, Nigeria
  • Aysha Zdeg: Treasurer, Morocco
  • Frank Okello: Communications Officer, Kenya
  • Elias Msoshi: Youth Officer, Tanzania

Officers of the Global board of trustees (BOT)

– Barbara Capozzi, Chairman
– B. Joseph Reddish, Regional Chair, the Americas
– Franklin Fang, Regional Chair, Asia Pacific
– Kaloyan Stoyanov, Regional Chair, Europe
– Hany Adly, Regional Chair, Middle East/Africa

To learn more about the Global structures of PTPI, do take a look here.