The message below is from one of our Adult Advisors, Elias Msoshi. We would like to help raise some funds for an amazing project, that has a proven track record of success. The PTPI team are located at Kigoma-Tanzania, Nyarugusu. The Nyarugusu refugee camp is one of the largest and best-known refugee camps of the 21st century, with around 150,000 refugees. It is located in the western province of KigomaTanzaniaabout 150 km east of Lake Tanganyika. (source Wikipedia).

Helping girls in Tanzania

As we move into the second month of 2021, I am writing this e-letter to recap 2020 and all that we accomplished together at the vocational training centre run by our chapter in Nyarugusu refugee camp, Tanzania.

I know you’d love to hear all the success stories about this lovely program.  Here is a summary of the accomplishments that caused far-reaching change in every girl that we serve:

  • we trained 14 girl-mothers in soap making.  Later on, these girls trained 84 others, whereby 3500 pieces of soap were made and distributed freely to the neediest children
  • we sewed 2500+ facemasks that we donated to orphans in foster care
  • now, girl-mothers start experiencing an increase in household income. Each girl is able to make 40+ pieces of soap per week. Some are sold to help bring in small money. This helps solve the problems of sex for food
  • overall, we rescued 200+ orphans and vulnerable children, as they can practice every day the precaution tips to containing coronavirus.

It will not be an exaggeration to say,  together we saved lives.

In the first wave of the pandemic, the number of children without parents in the camp was 20,000+.  Several of these children still depend on the street for food.  As we face the second wave of the pandemicit is important that we keep equipping girl-mothers to take care of themselves and all the children. 

We now plan to establish a girl-powered cooperative of soap making and gardening in the camp.  The aim is to empower 300 young people aged 5-24, (100 girl-mothers, 100 boys, and 100 disabled). 

Through this project, we aim to see:

  • young people create jobs for themselves, through running small businesses of gardening and soap production
  • girl-mothers are equipped to feed their children appropriately, earn an income, and reduce sex trade  
  • orphans and vulnerable children have access to free meals and proper hand-washing facilities, and mitigate the risk of covid-19. 

We cannot realize this plan alone–we need help to reach a total goal of $3,200. We are short $2,380 (at the time of writing this note).

Yours in Peace and Understanding 

Elias Msoshi

Adult advisor, PTPI Tanzania chapter

Yes, I am investing for the future: For me most rewarding is seeing refugee Children go from misery to a more hopeful life.